Holiday fun for tired brains

Ten undemanding online games for when the last thing you need is something that forces you to think!

Think like a six year old!


Pick up the items and make your own mobile — as simple as that!

Monkey Lander

Pick up the fruit, land the lander, don’t run out of fuel. Warning — it’s addictive!

Science Crossword Puzzles

Nothing too taxing here!


Totally meaningless, totally fun!

Simon Says

Get ready to be driven crazy — this one will give you brain-ache!

Science Word Searches

Just in case you’re struggling, this one even comes with simple hints!

Gravity Launch

As technical and educational as I dared to go with this collection …


Simple and soothing

Feed the Head

Utterly weird, but at the same time, strangely compelling


Who could ever tire of building virtual sandcastles?

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